Cassie is a 7 pound 2-4 year old Toy Poodle mix (Chihuahua?) who knows she’s as cute as a button! She is intelligent, confident, curious, very social, and a sweet love bug. She loves to run outdoors and go for car rides and gets along with other dogs. She still has a little problem with potty training but is learning quickly! She says she will fill your home with love and laughter! Please apply for this little girl!

​Rescue donation $350.


Hershey,  a 10 year old 20 pound Female  Shih Tzu/Poodle cross came to us because her family signed a lease for an apartment that didn’t accept pets. The darling photos that they sent of her didn’t show that there is a problem that needs to be addressed either. She is here now and we will be investigating her issues.

Stay tuned for updates on Hershey. 

For Adoption



Meet GiGi an 8 year old, 10 pound Poodle who has a story to tell. The rage right now is to bring up dogs from the South that you pick from a website with cute photos. What happened to GiGi and probably countless other dogs is that once here...if the match is not a good one for either dog or family, as was the case with GiGi, it’s a problem!  Yes, the Southern rescue will take the dog back but the contract states 14-28 DAYS before the transport can arrange for pick up. We were called to help by the family. Through a myriad of back and forth emails, texts, tears, phone calls between the Southern rescue, the family and us, GiGi is here. And now we have this darling little girl WITH HEARTWORM!!!!

Of course she is in treatment...a long drawn out affair of about 120 days with fingers crossed that all goes well. 
Please keep this very sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers. The treatment is long, hard, expensive and totally avoidable. 

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These dogs, while not PRCT dogs, are also looking for new homes.  Please use the contact information provided on their listing.

If you would like to apply to adopt one of the PRCT dogs on this page, please read about our Process and then complete our Application.If none of the dogs listed below seem to fit what you are looking for, you are welcome to complete an application.  Please indicate whether you are interested in a Toy, Miniature or Standard Poodle, and list any other information you want us to consider.  We will keep your application on file for 6 months and contact you if we feel an appropriate match can be made.