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It's auction time here at the Third Annual Sit and Stay, No Show Gala!
​Starting Saturday December 7th you can bid on  custom made small dog harnesses donated by 3poochys and other items. 

You need to join our Auction Group to bid!


Then simply enter your bid as a comment under the item's picture. 

It's fun and helps the Poodles!

We're glad you're here!

Sit back.... relax.... no dressing up ..... no traveling.  

Just an opportunity to show that you care.

You needn't spend money on renting a tux, buying a dress, babysitting or parking.

​We needn't spend money on renting a room or paying for food, beverages and entertainment. 

​Instead, the cost of your "ticket" goes directly toward the medical, food, grooming and equipment expenses that we incur each time we rescue and re-home a dog.

Please join us in celebration of Poodles and donate today!​

PRCT would like to thank the following sponsors of our 2019 No Show Gala:

 Our Gala Raffle!

 Every donation enters you into our raffle drawing for

No tickets necessary!


PRCT is pleased to have



as our 2019 Key "Not" Speaker. 

 Professor Jessica Rubin is the Director of the University of Connecticut Law School’s Legal Practice Program and Animal Law Clinic.  She also teaches Animal Law. She was instrumental in creating Desmond’s Law (named after the victim of an animal cruelty case), which allows Connecticut courts to appoint advocates—law students under supervision—in animal cruelty cases. Professor Rubin actively supervises students and appears in court to advocate for justice in cases of animal cruelty.  She created UConn Law School’s Animal Law Clinic, a clinic through which students appear in state courts as advocates under Desmond’s Law.  She is widely regarded as an expert in the field of animal law and is a graduate of Cornell University and the Cornell Law School.  Professor Rubin has taught in Istanbul, Turkey for the Open Society Foundation, and in Seoul, South Korea.  In both locations, she supplemented her teaching activities with local stray animal rescue and relocation efforts.   

Please click here to learn more about

Desmond's Law.

New This Year!  Our Gala Auction!