September 29 Update - THE HAPPY ENDING!!!!​

Introducing Oreo - who is now known by his new family as Oz!

Meet new Mom Nikki R. who met us today to hear what Dr. Kerbin had to say! Here he is with his new Brother Sammy! They love each other! Have a fabulous life little guy! You have come a long way!!!

Oreo is safe now, receiving much love in his foster home and the best of veterinary care.  

He's a happy, tail wagging boy who deserves a chance at a normal life!  

Please help us to help him by donating for Oreo's care.

Thanks from all of us here at PRCT!   

Oreo's Plight

Oreo came to us with a large growth, which makes it very difficult for him to walk or do anything else really. Aspiration examination under the scope revealed the tumor to be a lipoma.  There is no telling what will happen once surgery starts but we are all hopeful that this 6 year old, 26 pound Poodle mix will do well! Please keep this boy in your thoughts and prayers.
​Friday August 18 is his big surgery day - an all day procedure!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all

for your prayers, well wishes and financial support

throughout Oz's rescue and rehabilitation. 


Striving for success stories like this is why we do, 

what we do, here at PRCT!

Urgent Needs

September 1 Update

All sutures were removed by Dr. Kerbin pictured here! Scheduling a skin revision in the next two weeks! Not unexpected with the severity of the tumor size. He will then be able to really go to his new home!

If you prefer you may mail donations for Oreo's care to:

Poodle Rescue CT
P.O Box 188
Naugatuck, CT 06770

Donations marked "Oreo" are greatly appreciated if given to

Watertown Animal Hospital by phone 860-274-2212


673 Litchfield Road, P.O. Box D, Watertown, CT 06795. 

No donation is too small or too big! 

Friday August 18 Oreo update!!!!
Not including prep time, Oreo's surgery was 2 1/2 hours.

Mass weight removed was 6.4 pounds. Oreo is now a 20 pound guy.
The operation is over but there is much more to go. There will be policing of drains, potential bleeding and skin issues. With this amount of excess skin there is cutting back to get to healthy's involved, complicated..but step one is complete. There will be sterile bandage changing.  Let the healing begin!!!! We are here for you Oreo!!!

Cleaned up, with mats removed and flea dermatitis being treated, Oreo loves to be outside in the fresh air, but there is no way to keep the growth from dragging.  Poor Oreo!

Oreo's first night in his foster home.  He used his large growth as a pillow while sleeping.  

Here's our boy one day after surgery - out for his first walk!

Dr. Steven Price of the Watertown Animal Hospital gives our Oreo his first examination.

Mats, fleas and Lyme Disease needed to be dealt with, as well as assessing the hideous growth.

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