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Isaac’s Mom, because of a huge change in lifestyle is not able to care for him any longer. He is a 12 year old (DOB 4/26/07) miniature Poodle and weighs 16. He is well behaved, very energetic (he thinks he’s 2!) and needs a new family to love him again!

If you can give this handsome guy his retirement home please either FB Message Erin Carlin Koch or email her Erin.carlin@gmail.com

The following dogs need homes but are not PRCT dogs.

Use the contact information provided on each listing to inquire about them.

Other Adoptable Dogs



Meet Zezo, a 10 year old (6/10/09) tweenie Poodle (not a toy, not quite a mini) who weighs 12 pounds. His Mom has Asthma. Her doctor has ordered her to find a home for Zezo or continue to be ill. It’s not a choice she wants to make but it has to happen.
Zezo has a skin condition that flakes at times causing dander. He is also not happy at being away in a different part of the house alone.

If you would like to give Zezo a new home and family, please call his Mom Michelle at 860-519-3897 and speak with her. Please remember to be kind. This is a very hard decision for her to be making.