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Isaac’s Mom, because of a huge change in lifestyle is not able to care for him any longer. He is a 12 year old (DOB 4/26/07) miniature Poodle and weighs 16. He is well behaved, very energetic (he thinks he’s 2!) and needs a new family to love him again!

If you can give this handsome guy his retirement home please either FB Message Erin Carlin Koch or email her Erin.carlin@gmail.com

The following dogs need homes but are not PRCT dogs.

Use the contact information provided on each listing to inquire about them.


We were called to help a soon (DOB 12/4/2011) to be 8 year old, 9 pound Parti guy, Teddy.
When his Dad was home more, going through college, things were going well! Now that both Mom and Dad are working full time and there is a 3 year old human baby in the picture, Teddy is not happy with his current life. He is housebroken but anxious about all of the time that he is left alone. Yes, he has a Schnauzer house mate but they aren’t close.
His family wants him to have a home with a family that is home more!
Can you help this guy out????
Please put in an application! We will be forwarding on applications for Teddy!!!


Meet Peaches, a 1 1/2 year old small 40 pound standard female that is very active and would love an active family that likes to hike, run or play ball.
She is looking for a new home. She is not a rescue.

Call Daryl at 203-206-3420

Other Adoptable Dogs



Meet Zezo, a 10 year old (6/10/09) tweenie Poodle (not a toy, not quite a mini) who weighs 12 pounds. His Mom has Asthma. Her doctor has ordered her to find a home for Zezo or continue to be ill. It’s not a choice she wants to make but it has to happen.
Zezo has a skin condition that flakes at times causing dander. He is also not happy at being away in a different part of the house alone.

If you would like to give Zezo a new home and family, please call his Mom Michelle at 860-519-3897 and speak with her. Please remember to be kind. This is a very hard decision for her to be making.