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Surgery Day Update:

It’s over! It went very well! What Dr. Aquaviva said is that he knew they were bad but she REALLY REALLY needed these two surgeries! Her cartilage was just “trashed”!  Dr. A feels she will do so well in time, and no more horrible pain! Time for the therapy and healing to begin!! Yahoo!

Update One Day Post Op:

Bella is home and resting as comfortably as possible. It’s going to be a while before her pain subsides. Thankfully medication will help. She has already started to toe touch a tiny bit mostly out of necessity not because she really wants to at this point. Stay tuned.

Puppy Bella

Meet baby Bella! Born 7/19/2020, 9 month old, cream toy Poodle. We will be investigating talk of hip dysplasia. Until we know more from our specialist Dr. Aquaviva at Shoreline she will be settling in here.
Why is she being held? Because she’s a puppy with lots of energy and a very wiggly butt! She does not know she has a structural problem at all!
Please send her good vibes and good wishes for a good outcome!
May we ask for a donation too?

Femoral Head Osteotomies don’t come cheap but if it has to be done we will do what needs to be done! We don’t want her to suffer! That’s for sure!

Bella Update:
We got some news from Dr. Aquaviva, Shoreline’s orthopedic surgeon. He studied her films and has determined she needs a FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) to help increase her stability and strength and help to alleviate the pain she deals with daily!
She may need the other hip done too but maybe down the road. Addressing the worst one is critical.
Please keep Bella in your thoughts and prayers and if possible a donation to help us to get it done! More will be known as to when it will be done after her appointment on Monday 4/19 at VCA Shoreline Veterinary Reference Animal Hospital in Shelton , CT @ 11:00 am.