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Ruffington recently visited 8 O'Clock Ranch, where Susan buys meat for his home cooked meals.

Featured PRCT Alum

He was in rough shape and very frail, even after surviving the e-coli and everything else he suffered.  Daryl and the doctors decided that even though he was in fragile condition he should have a few last days of love; so they sent him to the best Poodle Spoiler they knew, Susan Willey.

Susan decided if Ruffington only had a few days left on earth he was going to live it up!  He got home cooked grass fed beef and chicken and the occasional Dunkin's munchkin.  He went riding in the car to run errands.  Ruffington got acupuncture and chiropractic treatments for his aches and pains.  Mostly he got love and kisses.

A year later he is still going strong.  His gait is slow but steady.  His appetite is good and his skin and eyes are bright.  He and his family go to summer fairs where he rides in a stroller and they visit family and friends often.  Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with his sweet spirit.  He nuzzles your hand for attention and never complains or demands a thing.

Ruffington gets regular Chiropractic care from Dr. Bruce Indek.

Chiropractic helps with his arthritis and general old guy aches and pain.

Ruffington with his new family:  Ensign, Commander, Benji and princess Emma.  

All are rescue poodles!


Ruffington came to PRCT last spring after being removed from his home by Animal Control.  He was severely underweight and neglected.  Daryl cleaned him up and Watertown Animal Hospital took excellent care of him.