Welcome to the

7th Annual PRCT
Sit & Stay No Show Gala


If you prefer, please send your check to

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

P.O. Box 188

Naugatuck, CT 06770

Sit back.... relax.... no dressing up ..... no traveling.  
Just an opportunity to show that you care.

You needn't spend money on renting a tux, buying a dress, babysitting or parking.
We needn't spend money on renting a room or paying for food, beverages and entertainment. 

‚ÄčInstead, the cost of your "ticket" goes directly toward the medical, food, grooming and equipment expenses that we incur each time we rescue and re-home a dog.

Join us in celebration of Poodles and donate today via PayPal or secure credit card.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

and surrounding New England States