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Courtesy post! We don't have him but he needs our help so please share this boy and help him get to a new loving and understanding home!
Loki is a 17 month old (dob 11/9/20) Golden doodle, neutered and up to date, who has a level 1 certificate in obedience training.  He is reactive/wary of dogs and some people ever since he was attacked by an aggressive breed of dog in a dog park at 6 months of age.
He is high energy and will play ball/fetch for hours! He loves to swim!
His recall needs work which precipitated his being given up. It took quite a bit of time recently to get him back in the home when he slipped out the door after his young human sibling.
Loki come!
What Loki hears, Nothing!
Loki COME!
Loki...what??? What are you saying??? Are you talkin' to me???? 😳
The family has a long work day and it's just not working out.
His housemate (tan, pictured with Loki) is perfect but Loki needs some work! Some hiking! Some swimming! He needs patience and training! Back to basics.
He has about two weeks before he goes to a shelter. Let's help this guy!
Please call us here at PRCT. 203-206-3420
or fill out our application for Loki.

We don't have her, but we are accepting applications for her.
Meet Daphne, a 9 month old Poodle mix, we have been told Border Collie/ mini Poodle but DNA would be the answer.  Daphne was taken in by a rescuer because she was not great with her original family who had young children. This rescuer has worked with her for the past three weeks and has found Daphne to be intelligent as she learns things quickly. She knows many commands and loves to play ball! She is good with other dogs but we don't know about cats. Her perfect home would be with no children, a person with dog experience and a person willing to bring her up to her full potential. Please put in an application for Daphne if you want a fun loving companion with many adventures to unfurl!
She will not be hypoallergenic.

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