Poodle Rescue Connecticut

and surrounding New England States

Poodle Rescue Connecticut has a tried and true application process that begins with you. We ask that you complete our online application. Please be as thorough as possible because this application lets us know you and why you are interested in adopting a rescue Poodle. As part of your application process, please let your veterinarian and groomer know that we will be calling for a reference. 

Once your application is received one of our volunteers will interview you. We will ask about your home, your yard, and explore why you wish to adopt a rescue Poodle. We will ask you about your schedule, your plans for grooming, and your veterinary care. If we feel that the dog  for which you have applied does not fit your lifestyle, we may suggest another dog.

Once your application has been approved we ask that you and your family visit and meet the Poodle. If this goes well we will finalize your application which may include a home visit.

Please note that Poodle Rescue Connecticut requires a fee of $350 - $600 per placement. This money helps us defray a small part of our costs. We are always pleased to accept any donation greater than the requested fee so that we can help additional Poodles in distress.  There are always Vet bills, grooming, food and equipment expenses.

After you and your dog go home we will follow-up with you at intervals to insure that the adoption is successful for both you and the dog. We encourage you to stay in touch with us, send pictures, and let us know of your successes because they are also ours.

Our Process