Oh Lenny! You were brought up from the South by Long Road Home Rescue. You were already 20+ pounds underweight and you were filthy and you smelled terrible.
Two days later you were in your new home. And you proceeded to vomit at least 7 times so your new vet referred your new parents to VCA Norwalk. Quoted an incredible sum, as much as you can love a dog in two days, they just couldn't do it. Even with the help of care credit.

We here at PRCT were called in so you were not put to sleep.

How did you get a health certificate to come up here from North Carolina?
But honestly we are happy to have you because we know you would not have made it.

So 3-6 year old emaciated (34 pounds) black standard boy is here.

We will try to do our best.
He seems very sweet. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

He feels terrible and we still don't know exactly what his problem is but we will!
He's had some fluids and Cerenia.

Firstly, Tape Worms in the stool this am!!! Yeah! We now have some idea why he is emaciated! 
Secondly, his test came back. We need to do a ACTH Stim test. It's a little sad to get excited about him having Addison's but in the not so perfect world it's so easily managed! And he will feel so much better in time!
So that's the story right now! Will keep you posted!!!

His 500 CC's of fluid went without a hitch! 
His Cerenia! 
2 tbs of food every 4 hours! 
1/4 cup of water every 2-3 hours! 
Got fecal, ran the Parvo Test! Negative!!!! 
So far so good!
Tomorrow there will be more tests.
Waiting for cortisol level to come back from the lab.
Please continue to keep this boy in your thoughts and prayers. He is not out of the woods yet!


Lenny tested NEGATIVE for Addison's so we are back at square one. Still not sure what his problem is but he eats ID food 4 times a day. Small amounts at a time. When you are this emaciated, as much as you would LOVE to feed him great amounts, you just can't. It's just as slow a process as when a dog comes in way overweight. Slow going is the safer way.
Could it just be that he has been so loaded with tape worms that his whole body had a melt down???
Time! Patience.
Once we heard (yesterday) that he was not Addisonian we had him quickly groomed!
He smells so much better, feels so much nicer to touch (still terribly bony!) and we genuinely think he feels better too!  (Thank you Allyson Aloi-Eliason, Beauty in the Beast)

Ultrasound is scheduled. It was originally thought he had an obstruction.

Tomorrow, Friday, Lenny will be seen by Dr. Kittrell at Embrace Animal Hospital. We are hoping that the Ultrasound will look better than the one taken last Friday. Please keep this great boy in your thoughts and prayers! Can't believe it's been a week already! He's loved eating 4x a day! He's the sweetest boy even not feeling well! He's definitely got more pep in his step!

Still fluid in the abdomen. Suggestion from Dr. Kittrell was to do a GI profile. 
If inconclusive an endoscopy?
Perhaps exploratory surgery?
On positive notes, he eats 4 small meals a day and is doing well, no vomiting or diarrhea. And he has gained 1.0 pound in 7 days. He is now 39.4.
It's not over yet but Lenny says "please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!"

Sunday Update! Lenny continues to do well. There is no vomiting and no diarrhea. He still eats 4 times a day and he eats well from his "slow down bowl!" A starving dog needs to eat smaller meals over a period of time. In the beginning we had trouble getting his bowl on the ground. He has learned that it's coming and that it will be put right down in front of him and that no one is going to bother him. Time! Patience!  
We are thrilled - today Lenny had a weigh in!  Drum Roll.......from 38 pounds, looking real skinny to still skinny but going in the right direction....44 pounds!!!
Up 6 pounds!!! Oh what food will do to the body that isn't eaten up by thousands and thousands of tape worms!!!

He now has some pep in his step! So wonderful to see!

November 1st is not a good day for the boy.
It seems like we are back to square one! Darn!
He started throwing up last night and has continued all day today!
 We are worried!

We just got home tonight at 9:45 PM. It was a long day for Lenny but even though under the weather, he entertained everyone at Shorline with his great personality and gentle manners.
A couple of new medications and a list of things to try and hopefully he won't have to have the endoscopy in the next few weeks but we get the feeling he will need it. Keep this Diamond in the Rough in your thoughts and prayers.
He's anxiously waiting for some food but medication (omeprazole an hour before food) has to be given first and then again two hours after eating!
Please please please no more regurgitating!
We worked so hard on gaining those much needed 6 pounds to lose 3 in three days!

Well Lenny and I took a ride this morning to Shoreline. We checked in about 5:45 am. He's dehydrated, he can't eat without throwing it all up and he lost 3 of the 6 pounds that he gained after getting rid of the Tape Worms.  He is not eating.  Once again we ask for your thoughts and prayers.

Biopsies will not be back for a week or two since Lenny's endoscopy but we finally have the main diagnosis! Many helicobacter organisms identified (H pylori).
He's miserable. He won't eat. Having the worst time getting him to eat so he can take his Omeprazole, Cerenia, Odansetron, prednisone, sucralfate and these aren't the drugs to get rid of the bacteria! This will start Monday and will be Amoxicillin, Metronidazole and Biaxin which will be two times a day for 21 days.

Send this miserable guy good thoughts. He sees me coming towards him now and he tries to make himself invisible. He hurts my heart.


There hasn't been an update because as depressing as it is to be his nurse, I feel as though I'm failing him. He will NOT eat. He is down to 37 pounds. He had originally been up to 44 after a couple of weeks! We were so encouraged. Then on 10/31 it's like a switch turned off in his brain and he said No More Food. 
What it means is that there is no way his body will be able to take the heavy duty antibiotics that are necessary to rid him of the H. Pylori bacteria with nothing in his stomach.
Send him good thoughts and vibes. When you won't eat hamburger cooked perfectly for him or you won't eat rotisserie chicken hot off the rotating chicken oven we have a problem.
The one thing he will eat are Vanilla Oreo's and Nutter Butter cookies! Imagine? This is a very strange case here.

 Fingers are crossed! He ate some chicken last night! He ate some more chicken this morning! He has held down his first handful of medications! No vomiting!
Oh please let us be on our way to feeling better!!! 

We Have The Final Diagnosis for Lenny!
It's not great but now that we know we can treat appropriately!

He has PLE. Protein Losing Enteropathy.
The causes of PLE can be
1) Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD),
2) A heavy load of parasites in the Gastrointestinal tract which is EXACTLY WHAT HE HAD! TAPE WORMS BY THE MILLIONS!!!
3) Bacterial and viral infections like Parvovirus Enteritis
4) Fungal infections (histoplasmosis)
5) Crypt disease
6) Some cancers like lymphoma
He's starting to feel better!
Will keep you posted on Lenny's Journey!!!

December UPDATE!!!
Many Ultrasounds, one Endoscopy, special food and so many medications but we are coming down the home stretch!
Today we went to Embrace for a weight check! Last time we were there he was down to 36 pounds.
Today he weighed in at 46.4 pounds!!! Still incredibly thin but we are on the upward swing.
Please keep Len in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight this Diagnosis of LYMPHANGIECTASIA and PLE, Protein Losing Enteropathy.
All of this brought on by the simplistic and easiest care that was not provided! He was loaded with TAPEWORMS! He was probably infested by fleas at one point. Panacur or Drontal could have avoided all of this! Imagine?
He's regulated, he's happy and he has pep in his step!!! And he has gained 10 pounds! Another 10-15 pounds to go! He will get there!
Go Lenny!!! Yeah you!!!
He is one of the nicest, amenable and sweetest Poodle boy ever! 

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Meet Jay Jay, a 10 week old Poodle mix who was purchased from  a Craig's List " Breeder"
After two weeks in his new home they brought him to the vet because he was acting strangely.
With no money to do a minimum of a blood test they took him home to call the "breeder" to take him back.
It was not to happen.
We have him now and we are in the process of having him seen by a Neurologist.
Keep this 3 pound puppy boy in your thoughts and prayers as we try to figure out what his problem is and help him if we can.

 2/21 UPDATE:

It was a very looong day for the baby boy. We had an 11:00 am appointment. He was sedated for an MRI and after that he had a spinal tap. We did not get home until 5:30. He's resting after he had a light snack.
So what we know so far. Thinking that it could be Hydrocephalus, the MRI looks to be saying Not So but the results are being sent out for a second opinion.
We will know in a couple of days.
His Spinal Tap has been sent out and it might be another week.
So we sit tight and give him love.



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Look at this guy!!!!! From being gravely ill and weighing in at 36 pounds to today feeling strong, vibrant and weighing in at 50.8 pounds!
His big follow up appointment will be 1/25 with Dr.Kettrell and staff at Shoreline!
Here's hoping we have more great news and he has the opportunity to have a deserving home of his own!!!
Send good wishes and vibes for this amazingly WONDERFUL BOY!

 1/31/23 Update:

Lenny continues to do well! He is working on getting his medications tapered down. He will probably have to have a certain amount to keep his condition, LYMPHANGIECTASIA and PLE in balance. To think that Tape Worms can almost kill a dog gives a much warranted concern as to importance of knowing where these rescues come from and the rescues that deal with them and transport to unsuspecting would be adopters with no regards of the simplest health testing.
He came with a "health certificate" although who could possibly sign off on a skeletal standard Poodle weighing in at 36 pounds that was throwing up and drooling?
Head shaking moments.
When we confronted the "rescue" about their responsibility for Lenny you can imagine that they couldn't get off the phone fast enough.
So, that's the history behind him and he has a new life where we have all appendages crossed that he continues having adventures.
Keep this amazing boy in your thoughts and prayers!


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