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Do I look like a poodle to you?

Meet Gibbs, an 8 pound one year old toy Aussie who fell down a flight of stairs. We were told the cat pushed him!  Could this really be true? 
We brought Gibbs in for surgery with Dr. Jason Headrick at Newtown Veterinary Specialist.
Thankfully Gibbs did not have a broken pelvis, but underwent a 
 Femoral Head Ostectomy which went well.  
Now to recover!
Please keep this tiny little guy in your thoughts and prayers.

5/31 Update

Gibbs is coming along well.  Toe touching has progressed to putting more weight on his leg.
He has gained some weight and has better muscle tone in general.
Thank you for your contiued donations to help Gibbs and other dogs in need!



Found by the side of the road in deplorable condition, we were called by Essex Animal Control when family didn't show up for her.
Harriet has horrible skin which is just starting to make a little improvement. She needs some surgeries (hernia and mass removal) but they can't be done until her skin infections improve.
Please keep this girl in your thoughts and prayers.​


Thanks to Waterbury Veterinary Hospital we were told about about a little white dog that had come into their faculty in September. No money for an anesthetized groom.
Fast forward to now, we were given the name and number to help little Susie.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as Watertown Veterinary Staff frees her from her hair prison. Please say an extra prayer or two that circulation has not been cut off of any appendages and that under the facial matting there is an eye that will be able to see.
Remember grooming is not just for appearance, it's for HEALTH.

A small donation would help us to continue what we do here at PRCT for Poodles and sometimes for others!
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Gigi, a 6 year old Poodle/Bichon/ Cocker mix came to us recently because her young Mom thought that after reading symptoms on "Dr. Google" that Gigi had diabetes and wanted her euthanized.
Thankfully her emergency vet told the young woman that he would not euthanize a young dog without further testing and to reach out to us here at Poodle Rescue for help.
 Hip hip hooray! Good call for Miss Gigi.
As it turns out, Gigi has Cushing's Disease which is not the greatest diagnosis but is currently being addressed and she's doing well so far. She will need to be monitored and given two pills a day once she gets over her tick born illnesses Lyme and Anaplasmosis.
This girl is way overweight at 30 pounds and is in WW now with a goal weight of 22-24 pounds.
Watch for updates as she continues on her path to better health.