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Day 2. Dr. McCann just called! Harlow had a tough night last night but with more fentanyl she was able to relax and sleep. Her levels are holding and going up so the bleeding has lessened!  She's a little brighter! She was able to stand on her better leg, it's hurting but much better than the left back leg that needs amputation. Hopefully this will happen early this afternoon with Dr. Nolte!

Just got off the phone with Dr. Nolte. It was a long surgery. All went well with anesthesia. What was a little less than great is that there was a lot of tissue damage up to her shoulder. Hopefully the amount of skin that was involved will stay alive. There are drains in place to help with fluids. They will have to be drained a few times a day.  The amputation itself went well. All is crossed that we did the right thing for her. 
My prayers are going out to Harlow and of course to the vet staff as they care for her. We are not in a rush to bring her home until we can do right by her.
Thank you Dr. Nolte for the long surgery and for your expertise!

​Several days later Harlow was transferred to a trusted Veterinary facility for 5 days
because she still needed skilled nursing care and she also needs good pain management.  She is now settled into her foster home where she continues progress with her recovery.  Check her out with her cold laser therapy shades on!


It was a very bad start of the day for one year old 11 pound Harlow, a Poodle Bichon mix. She ran out the door to say goodbye to her human sister and sadly was hit by a car. We were called by Shoreline to help her. She will have to have her back leg amputated. Her other leg will heal in time.  The first 24 hours are most crucial when severe trauma happens as in this HBC.
Harlow has signs of internal bleeding and her lungs have bruising and are mildly collapsed.
We are confident that she is being monitored well. 
Surgery may have to be postponed until all has been resolved because anesthesia can be a problem when there are pneumothorax issues.

Thanks to Dr. McCann and Staff for taking great care of her today.
Please keep this baby in your thoughts and prayers! 


Leo is a soon to be 8 year old 53 pound black standard Poodle who recently lost his Dad.
We knew about his Addison's Disease when we took him in and he's doing very well with it. He's on Percorten and Prednisone.
Now we just learned that he had stones because he had had blood in his urine.
He has an appointment  for an ultrasound.
We are hoping that he won't need surgery but if he does we will make it happen.
He is a very wonderful boy. In foster care now, he will be available for adoption once we can make him feel better!
Keep this great guy in your thoughts and prayers!

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A recently turned 3 year old (DOB 12/3/2020), 15.5 pound handsome Miniature Poodle was surrendered to us.
We were told that giving him 2 pills twice a day was tough because of busy lifestyles. We thought okay, we guess it's feasible.  What we know now is he's not well. His ALT levels are over 1000. He feels poorly. Please keep this sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers as he meets Ultrasound expert Dr. Kettrell.
Not sure if you remember Lenny the beautiful black standard that was incredibly ill. Dr. Kettrell diagnosed him as having a digestive problem (LYMPHANGIECTASIA) that was caused by Tape Worms. Lenny is happy and healthy today because of Embrace and Dr. Kittrell.  Here's hoping we can help this young guy live a good long life too!
Prayers are welcomed!
Thank you Allyson of Beauty In The Beast for restoring him to the way he should look and smell!!!


​He had his ultrasound but right as they were getting ready to put the probe on he went into a seizure. He still had it done.

Test update:
ALT: normal
Gallbladder and bile ducts: normal
Spleen: no abnormalities appreciated
Kidneys: normal
Adrenal glands: normal
GI, Pancreas, Urinary, abdomen, all good!
Consideration: advise evaluation for any potentially hepatotoxic substance.
Ensure lepto status is normal.
Advise antioxidant, choleretic and antibiotic support pending this assessment.
Once acute hepatopatgy resolves (and distant from seizures activity) advise serum bile acids assay to define clause progression.

So denamarin, clavamox and ursodiol will be given along with Keppra and phenobarbital. Liver levels will be rechecked. If they have decreased we can have the bile acids run.
If this is inconclusive we will run a CT Scan at Central.
We are hoping to get to the problem of this darling sweet boy!
Please continue to keep Cosmo in your thoughts!!!