Poodle Rescue Connecticut

and surrounding New England States

Our rescued Poodles come from all sources: vet hospitals, shelters, private homes, social workers, etc.  They come into rescue from various situations:  divorce, loss of income, loss of home, allergies, moving,  sickness,  or death of caregiver.  When these Poodles come into rescue, there is no worry that they will euthanized - they have been rescued.  Unfortunately that isn’t always the case with a Poodle or Poodle mix in a shelter and you are encouraged to contact us if you are aware of a Poodle in a shelter situation.  (See Want to Help? )

Our policy is that our Poodles are our first concern and we are their advocate.  We evaluate each of our dogs and try to determine what would make him or her happiest. We then look at our applications and choose the best home for the dog.  Every dog is unique, and we have no set of rules that go across the board.  We wait for the right home for each particular dog.  Adoptions are not done on a first come first served basis.

We do prefer that an adopter or adoptive family have previous experience with a Poodle and we will require a reference from both a groomer and veterinarian.

We often ask families with young children why they would want to take a chance with a rescued Poodle - or any rescue dog for that matter.  The answer is usually that they want to help save a dog.  As appealing and noble as this sentiment is, the reality is that rescue dogs come with baggage, meaning they have issues that must be worked on.  We often do not know the history of the dogs we rescue and therefore cannot guarantee how they will interact with enthusiastic young children.  We may suggest that the family purchase directly from a good, responsible breeder who knows the temperament of his or her dogs and puppies.   By doing this, the pup and family will grow with each other and will also have the support of their breeder if any problems arise.  In this situation, we will be happy to make a referral to a reputable breeder, if desired. To have a child bitten by a rescue dog and perhaps scar the child emotionally or physically is not what PRCT wants to have happen.

If we place a dog with you, we will continue to be available for support and to offer suggestions, as needed.   In the unfortunate circumstance that a placement does not work out, we urge you to return the dog to PRCT for further evaluation and subsequent placement.

With appreciation to Virginia German Shepherd Rescue and Poodle Club of America.

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