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11/18 Update:

Dr. Aquaviva called just now to say that Trixie’s operation is over and that she is resting comfortably! The surgery was about 4 hours in length, it turned out to be something called Dimelia which is very uncommon. It is a genetic growth duplication (deformity/abnormality) where she had two humerus’s connected to one shoulder joint. 

Dr. Aquaviva has not seen it in over 10 years.

We are glad it’s over and she can now start her “New Beginning!!!!”

Trixie Belle, our 12 1/2 week old standard poodle puppy is having her deformed leg removed on November 18th so she can enjoy a quality life pain free once she recovers.

The estimate for her surgery is between $4,000 and $5,000. This does not include what’s been spent already or any after care expenses. We’re reaching out to our supporters for donations so we can cover Trixie’s surgery and still be able to help the many dogs who need us.

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