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If you would like to apply to adopt one of the PRCT dogs on this page, please read about our Process and then complete our Application.If none of the dogs listed below seem to fit what you are looking for, you are welcome to complete an application.  Please indicate whether you are interested in a Toy, Miniature or Standard Poodle, and list any other information you want us to consider.  We will keep your application on file for 6 months and contact you if we feel an appropriate match can be made.

Welcome Priscilla, a two year old (8/11/19), 40 pound Poodle/Golden female.
Priscilla was loved very much by her Mom and Dad and two very young children. It was a tough parting. Priscilla was very good with the children. She would never jump on them.
Unfortunately the 3 year old child started to develop allergies. It can  happen with this mix even though the "breeders" of this combination say it isn't so. Heartbreaking for the family.
Priscilla will be groomed before she is spayed on 11/17/21.
We are looking for a fenced in yard. She has not been socialized as well as she should have been. She will need some basic obedience training but she does an amazing "sit" if you say it in Spanish (sientate).
She knows the English words "Good Girl".
We are looking for an experienced Doodle home. She's a nice dog but doesn't always like other dogs and is selective in who she likes or dislikes with no rhyme or reason, only she knows. This makes her a  non dog park kind of girl and the adopter needs to be aware of this.

 Standard Poodle female housemates
Special circumstance!
Meet Valentine, named because she has a gray heart on her predominately white coat of her Parti color.
Valentine is 11 years old and weighs in at 65 pounds.
Meet Libby, an 8 year old blue standard who weighs 40 pounds.
Unfortunately these girls need a new home, preferably together if possible, because their Mom has to move into senior housing where they will not accept a dog over 30 pounds.
If you are interested, lease put in an application to us here at Poodlerescue CT.
We will be helping their Mom to get the best home/homes for these two girls.


Lucky Libby has found a new home! 

Do you have room in your heart and home for Valentine?  If so, please fill out our application.


Winter, is a female Maltese mix. She's tall and leggy but incredibly thin. Her skin is in deplorable condition and of course her ears need attention. All fixable!!!
Thank you Donna B. for stopping by to donate auction items and for your much needed assistance in helping groom her. She doesn't look all that great but now has all the mats off of her body and especially the balls of mats in her feet! She walks well now!!! She's very tired but she is touchable and sweet smelling!!!
Keep this girl in your thoughts and prayers. She will be seen as soon as possible by our vet

​WInter Update

We have more information after a visit to the Vet Hospital.  WInter weighed in at a very light 15.8 pounds. She should be more like 20. Easy fix if it's just a lack of previous nutrition not given before we received her into rescue. Bloodwork will help to figure things out.
She is going to receive some Sub Q fluids to help her feel a little better. She is dehydrated. She is also drinking too much water. We will get to the bottom of it and go from there. Keep this very sweet girl in your thoughts!

Valentine and Libby

For Adoption


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These dogs, while not PRCT dogs, are also looking for new homes.  Please use the contact information provided on their listing.