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Gigi, a 6 year old Poodle/Bichon/ Cocker mix came to us recently because her young Mom thought that after reading symptoms on "Dr. Google" that Gigi had diabetes and wanted her euthanized.
Thankfully her emergency vet told the young woman that he would not euthanize a young dog without further testing and to reach out to us here at Poodle Rescue for help.
 Hip hip hooray! Good call for Miss Gigi.
As it turns out, Gigi has Cushing's Disease which is not the greatest diagnosis but is currently being addressed and she's doing well so far. She will need to be monitored and given two pills a day once she gets over her tick born illnesses Lyme and Anaplasmosis.
This girl is way overweight at 30 pounds and is in WW now with a goal weight of 22-24 pounds.
Watch for updates as she continues on her path to better health. 

​GiGi Update!

​GiGi has continued to improve! She feels great, she loves to walk, she couldn't be any sweeter. A very easy girl to live with. Her tail wags nonstop!
Cushings is forever but one pill in the morning and two pills in the evening, both with her breakfast and dinner is all this doll needs.
Please open your heart and home and give her a bed. She will make you laugh and smile. She is an easy girl to love!  Please apply if you think Gigi is for you!

If you would like to apply to adopt one of the PRCT dogs on this page, please read about our Process and then complete our Application.If none of the dogs listed below seem to fit what you are looking for, you are welcome to complete an application.  Please indicate whether you are interested in a Toy, Miniature or Standard Poodle, and list any other information you want us to consider.  We will keep your application on file for 6 months and contact you if we feel an appropriate match can be made.

The cutest unPoodle! He's a mini Aussie!

Gibbs came to us after falling down a flight of stairs. We were told the cat pushed him!  Could this really be true? 
We brought Gibbs in for surgery with Dr. Jason Headrick at Newtown Veterinary  Specialist. Thankfully Gibbs did not have a broken pelvis, but underwent a Femoral Head Ostectomy which went well.  After a period of recovery and physical therapy with his foster mom  
you would never know he had FHO surgery!  He's gone from from 6.9 pounds to 9.6!

He's finally ready to go!!! Applications?

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These dogs, while not PRCT dogs, are also looking for new homes.  Please use the contact information provided on their listing.