1/8/19 Update:

She’s doing well, DOB 3/30/13. She is now 6 1/2 pounds having gained a nice 1/2 pound, probably because she isn’t in as much pain. She has decreased medications and times from 32 per day to about 15 times per day until her next check up. 
She’s a doll!

Perfect except for Cyclosporine and Ofloxacin and an eye lubricant for the rest of her life. More updates to come. We will help with eye medication if we can find a home where she will be the Princess with no other animals...it should be all about her! 
Accepting applications for serious would be adopter of a darling little girl. 

1/21/19 Update

Blaze had her second post op Ophthalmology appointment to hear brilliant news!!! No more cone 24/7, in fact, no more cone at all! Drops have been reduced to both eyes, 3 times a day, two different drops 5 minutes apart! Easy! 

Next week she has an appointment to be spayed and have her dental! Once that is behind her, she is eligible for her own new home! We are waiting for a Princess home where she is loved and cherished! She is a very special little doll! ❤️👍🐾🐩

1/23/19 Update

From December 28 to now, Blaze has made incredible progress! She no longer has to wear her cone and has decreased several medications using only two now 3 times a day! She is no longer in pain from her Corneal ulcer because the surgery has repaired the hole in her eye! Blaze will be ready for her spay and dental on January 29th  if all goes well!

​Please keep her in your thoughts! 

Our Christmas Day Gift was Blaze!

Blaze is a darling 6 pound, 5 year old, toy Poodle female who was diagnosed with an eye issue last August, but never had the two medications prescribed to her put into the eye. Consequently her cornea ruptured causing a hole in her eye.

Fortunately a family member saw this little girl was in trouble and reached out to us. 

The day after Christmas, Blaze was brought in to see Dr. Greenberg at Newtown Veterinary Specialists. Emergency surgery was performed that day to repair the hole. It’s called a conjunctival graft and it cost several thousands of dollars. We opted for this treatment because she is so young and we felt we wanted to give this little sweet girl a chance. 

Please help us if you can! Blaze is not thanking anyone right now with the multiple (4) eye drops 4-6 times a day and 3 oral meds and gel multiple times per day but she has been a trooper! 
Hopefully her start to the New Year will be less painful! 👍🐩🐾❤️

Blaze after surgery with her eyedrops and medications.

February 2019 Update:


I'm now ready and waiting for a special home and a new beginning.  If you think we are a match, please fill out an Application.

​Love, Blaze

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