It's almost a year since Pink now Penny went home with her new Parents Jodie and Ted and older canine Sister Zoe! We hear that Penny has given life back to Zoe and that they are the best of friends, from running the yard to sleeping on the "big" bed! Zoe has lost a few pounds and Penny has gained a few pounds! Penny's hair is longer and luxurious! No recurring problems! We are smiling from ear to ear! Hopefully some photos will be coming soon!

It was a four month process but well worth the effort! Would I do it again? Yes I did but that's a story for another time....Peyton!

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Adoption Day

June 13, 2016

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

and surrounding New England States


In February we received a call from Angell Memorial hospital about a little dog that had come in to them in need of help. It was determined that this poor dog had every parasite possible. The story of her homelife was sketchy but what we did know was that she had an odor about her they made us drive from Mystic CT to home with our windows down even though it was February. Because of her blotchy oozing skin and color, we called her Pink!

First order of business was a vet appointment and consultation with one of our vets, Beacon Falls Animal Hospital.  It was determined that her low immune system allowed her body to become susceptible to Demodectic and Sarcoptic mange. It was baths every 2-3 days at first...then twice a week. Bedding changes were made twice a day...with laundry done separately. Pink lived in isolation for a long time. Her food was laced with immune booster powder and anything I could read about that would boost her immune system! She remained a sweetheart the whole time. At first she was weak and feverish but as time went on she had more actually saw progress. To see hair start to come back was so exciting! To see the waves of hair was fun! What type of dog was she? The whole time she got better and better smelling, and great to touch, no more rubber gloves and precautions. She was a trooper!