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Tonya is an 8 Month old 6 pound Toy Poodle who came into us because the family didn’t have the funds for the plate and pins surgery that is required for the break to properly heal  and even at this it sometimes doesn’t  work. The leg bones are incredibly small and so is the blood flow to heal well. 
Please keep this little one in your thoughts and prayers.

With $3600 spent so far, any donations for her care are greatly appreciated. 

Tonya and Wookie Need Your Help!

Wookiee came to us as a broken pup.

Remember the children’s verse: Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!" Kids and dogs should not be allowed to jump on the bed! 

In this case this 10 week old Christmas present to the children of the home did not make it too much past the holiday before disaster struck.

An estimate was given to the family for repair of his broken leg. We were called. Wookiee has been repaired with a plate and screws. He will be carefully monitored and will have the plate out in 4-6 weeks (hopefully) so that his leg bone will continue to widen. In a few months we hope to get Wookiee a new home!

So far without his second operation it’s been $3400. We are hoping that our supporters and Poodle lovers may be able to contribute to his medical fund!

Cute Wookiee says Thank You!