In 2022 we rescued 102 dogs (55 males;47 females).


19 Standard Poodles

21 Miniature Poodles

19 Toy Poodles


29 Poodle mixes

1 Beagle

1 Brussels Griffon

1 Chihuahua

1 CKCS mix

7 Maltese

1 Pomeranian

2 Yorkies

Rescuing dogs is like a box of never know what you will get!

In keeping with our mission, PRCT often rescues dogs who will need significant medical care before we can place them in new, loving homes.

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102 dogs rescued in 2022. ​

107 dogs rescued in 2021. 

103 dogs rescued in 2020.

112 dogs rescued in 2019. 

107 dogs rescued in 2018.

112 dogs rescued in 2017.

120 dogs rescued in 2016.

 83  dogs rescued in 2015.

101 dogs rescued in 2014.

   97  dogs rescued in 2013.  

112 dogs rescued in 2012.

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The Tiny Five


Please take a few minutes to view this video produced by our supporter, Jodi Greenleaf.

This is what rescue is all about.

Eloise's Rescue

Eloise came to PRCT needing surgery for an injury that was the result of suspected abuse. She wants so much to "talk" and tell you of the horrible things that she experienced.


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